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A community-based organization such as the Socorro Gun Club succeeds by giving citizens the opportunity to share their knowledge, time, and resources with other people with similar interests. As we volunteer, we contribute to the lives of other shooting sports enthusiasts and thereby perpetuate the values we cherish most.

Members are encouraged to find ways to serve the club and the greater Socorro community in a variety of ways.

Prospective members looking for ways to get involved in shooting sports in Socorro will find many opportunities for learning and for public service.

Examples of ways that members volunteer their time include:

  • Teaching youth safe firearms skills at air rifle practice
  • Bringing friends to Civilian Marksmanship Program Schools
  • Range clean-ups, both organized and informal
  • Building steel targets
  • Presenting a shooting sports skill lesson at a meeting

Please come to a meeting to see how you may get involved or to suggest other ways that the SGC may serve the community.