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Range Information

The Socorro Gun Club range is a privately-owned facility on BLM land that is managed and maintained solely by the volunteer efforts of Club members. People who are interested in using the range should contact a club officer or attend a monthly meeting in order to receive a formal invitation to use the Club's facilities.

See map and range descriptions below for detailed descriptions of the various ranges and their intended functions.

Detailed driving directions are found on this PDF.

Vandalism by uninvited, irresponsible, and unsafe firearms owners has plagued our facilities and hurt the quality of our range. Therefore, we strongly urge people to do all they can to protect our facilities. Report reckless or illegal behavior to the Sheriff's office or club officers, volunteer to collect trash, and promote the safe use of the facilities.

Please insure that you shoot at the proper range for your caliber firearm. Interstate 25 is less than 3 miles away.

The first club member to arrive at a given range becomes the "Range Operator", and he or she determines when it is safe for shooters to go down range.

Uncooperative shooters at the range will have their license plate numbers and behavior reported to the local Sheriff's office (575-835-1883).

Let's keep the range safe and fun!

Range Map (Click to Enlarge)

Range Silhouette Distances 
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